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All businesses need a set of accounts at least once a year to meet their obligations to HMRC and/or Companies House.

At Abacus Accountants we recognise that many businesses see the accounts as a necessary requirement that adds little value to their business. In these cases we advise how this task can be completed for as low a cost as possible whilst maintaining high standards.

We also aim to prepare accounts within three months of clients’ year end so that the information provided is more meaningful and up to date.

Accountants CheshireOur recommendation is that accounts are viewed as a critical part of running a successful business. Ideally all businesses should produce and review management accounts several times a year to measure performance and take actions necessary to improve profitability.

As Chartered Management Accountants our speciality is helping business make more informed decisions. We design and implement management information systems which typically incorporate a daily ‘dashboard’ of key performance indicators (KPIs) and detailed management accounts which show profit by department or product line.

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