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At Abacus Accountants we want our clients to retain as much of their hard earned income as possible. Tax advice is the core of our practice and we make sure that our clients are kept informed of developments.We make sure that we meet our clients at least once a year to review their tax affairs and advise of any opportunities there may be to minimise tax payable.With our expertise in all areas of business and personal taxation you can be sure that if you are a client of Abacus Accountants you will pay no more than the correct amount of tax

Specific areas of interest may be:Taxation Cheshire

Annual investment allowance
Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)
Energy effiency tax relief
Company car tax
Using you home as an office

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Abacus Accountants is a trading name of Accountants in Cheshire Limited.
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Registered office: 2 George House, Princes Court, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6GD.