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Value Added Tax (VAT) deadlines can be very stressful. VAT is one of the most complex taxes imposed on businesses, and calculating VAT incorrectly can be extremely costly. Failure to complete your VAT returns correctly and on time will result in penalties and interest.

VAT Cheshire



Help is at hand, located in Cheshire we at Abacus have trained VAT professionals keeping up with the latest HMRC regulations. Our services can take away some of that burden. We can ensure you are accumulating the correct amounts for every transaction, and that payments and VAT returns are done on time and accurately. We can offer advice on the following aspects of VAT:-


  1. Flat Rate Scheme
  2. Assistance with VAT registration
  3. Vat planning and administration
  4. Compulsory registration timing
  5. Voluntary registration- The pros and cons
  6. Vat on Imports and Exports.
  7. Customs and Excise VAT visits.

Basics - If your business is VAT-registered, it is extremely important to submit your VAT return and make your payments on time. In the most severe cases if you don't submit your return or payment in time, you could be liable for a fine, court action or even bankruptcy. You need to fill in a VAT Return -form VAT100- at the end of each VAT period. This is usually every three months. All the necessary information about your business is then on the Return for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Some of the information that is required is listed below.

1. How much VAT you have charged to your customers, and how much you owe to HMRC on other supplies that you have made. For example:- the commission you have received from selling something on behalf of someone else goods or services,products that you or your staff take out of the business for personal use, gifts or samples you gave to someone that do not meet the VAT rules for gifts or samples and fuel scale charges

2. How much you are entitled to claim back from VAT you have paid to your supplier.

3. How much VAT you can be repaid by HMRC and the amount of VAT you need to pay to HMRC.

Allow Abacus, located in Cheshire help you. Contact us for advice. See how we can relieve you of the burden of VAT Returns and how we can help you through the complexities of the VAT regulations.

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